Thursday, 14 April 2011

Wimp and its Awesomeness

Some videos that I will link to in the future will be off Wimp.

This is a site I visit pretty much daily to see their most recent videos. They seem to have pretty much every "viral" video a few days before they go viral, as well as having 5-6 awesome videos posted every single day without fail . Cannot hype it up enough, if you want awesome videos to watch, go there!

I can't directly embed Wimp videos into this blog, or at least don't know how to, so any videos from there will be linked directly to the site if I can't find a YouTube version of them. Wimp's a pretty easy website to navigate as it's very simple so you wont have any annoyances before watching the videos linked, such as Ad's before a video.

1 comment:

  1. I never heard of this "wimp" site... I'm checking it out now! just checked out the F-15 landing with one wing... HOLY CRAP! ( i wish there was actual fottage) lol, great blog, nice site you mentioned here... I'm following!

    we at thank you for your great postings!