Saturday, 16 April 2011

Animal Madness

Moved back home for the summer today as I was finished at university. Shouldn't really affect the blog except I have slower internet so I have to wait longer for videos to load :(

That said, I realise the title of this blog is "Funny Stuff", but this video is awesome. While some of you may not find it funny, I'm 100% sure you will think it is cute and awesome. Penguins like to be tickled.

We go from a funny penguin video to an amazing cat, seriously, this cat can jump like 20 foot no problem.

Sorry, did I say 20 foot? I meant 20 cm.
And remember, animal fail videos are always 300% funnier when you watch them repeatedly


  1. i like that cat.
    mine can't jump far because he's too fat.

  2. Hahaha that cat, that was the poorest effort I've ever seen

  3. that cat was probably really embarrassed after that :3

  4. haha my cat fails hard like that too. one day he'll learn not to jump off slippery things

  5. hehe so cute cat :)) love cats nice blog +followed

  6. lol nice blog.
    Followed :D

  7. Love the cat but the penguin link is offline. Damn you copyright!